Health & Nutrition Coaching

Video coaching with certified health coaches; to lose body fat, gain muscle, & live healthier.

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Real Health Coaching

Connect with your personal health coach for accountability, guidance, & support. Yes, real people because no one likes talking to a computer!

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Effortless Tracking

Cutting-edge programs utilizing wearable health trackers to enhance communication and streamline data tracking.

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Digital Health Coaching
Monthly Video Coaching

Monthly coaching sessions to support progress, overcome obstacles and celebrate success. Health Coaches identify missed health goals and communicate through unlimited messaging.  

Monthly Video Health Coaching
Bi-Weekly Video Coaching

Your coach develops and communicates personalized health plans with you via; bi-weekly virtual meetings, unlimited messaging, and weekly emails, while seamlessly tracking your progress in the Well-Choices App.

Weekly Health Coaching
Weekly Video Coaching

Weekly coaching sessions reinforce positive change with support & guidance — personalized planning and program structure, as well as automated tracking, unlimited messaging, and weekly emails. 

Better Health Coaching

Real coaching starts with the relationship between coach and client, central toward effectively providing knowledge, guidance, and support, which is why every Well-Choices client starts their program with a one on one video coaching session. Well-Choices health coaches are experienced, certified, and empowered with cutting edge technology.  Our goal is to make a significant positive impact on the health and wellness of our community, one member at a time.

Well-Choices Program Features


Connect with your coach through your computer, tablet, or phone — schedule sessions around your schedule.


Fitness trackers automatically sync to the Well-Choices App to save you time and alert your coach of any missed health and activity indexes.


In-depth information is available via an educational ebook and weekly articles. All necessary information will be delivered by your coach as well.


Message your coach any time you need support or have a question. Your coach will proactively message you every week as well.


Educational emails, exercise advice, helpful tips, recipes & meal plans, or maybe just a little motivation to brighten your week.


Digital group support meetings as well as educational webinars with questions and answers on a variety of topics.

Personalized Program Design

Our complete health coaching formula allows you to strive for more than just weight loss because a person shouldn’t live their life to count calories. Our coaching program focuses on all significant elements of a healthy lifestyle. We promote positive habitual change for long term improvements in health, body composition, energy, immune function, mood, and stress management. 

Enjoy your life, embrace new experiences, and live confident in your choices!


See what people are saying about us.

Very excited! At age 54, I lost 9 lbs. in my first month with Well-Choices. So much easier than food diaries or tracking calories. My coach Liz is the best!


Well-Choices helped me change some of the bad habits I developed. More importantly, it helped me create some of the good ones I had lost. Like going to the gym, my primary tool for dealing with stress.


The automated tracking makes the program easier to follow, and my coach was supportive and understanding. I am very excited to continue my weight loss journey.