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Well-Choices is committed to providing guidance and support to our clients as they strive to improve their health and happiness through positive habit change and lifestyle modification. We believe that working toward healthier choices today, win lose or draw; those healthy choices will come easier and more natural tomorrow. We don’t expect our clients to be perfect. We want them to achieve their goals and enjoy life.  If you change the way you perceive obstacles; reinforce your motivations, understand your stressors and triggers, you will change your life!

We don’t believe in good or bad, we believe in living life to the fullest, in having your cake and eating it.  Well-Choices coaches build a relationship with their client that allows for authentic communication, commitment, and success — guiding clients through; goal setting, action plans, health education, habit change, and positive reinforcement for long term change.  We help our clients reinforce motivators for success, overcome obstacles, identify stressors, and enjoy the good things in life.  We coach on; Activity, Exercise, Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep, Stress Management, Motivation, Habits, and Triggers.

Our clients want to improve their health and happiness, but that doesn’t always mean they all want to lose weight or gain muscle. Some of our clients are 18 years of age and extremely fit; some of our clients are 65 years of age and less active. We work with clients who are overweight, underweight, athletes, and everyone in-between, because being physically and emotionally healthy are universal goals. 
Well-Choices is a personalized health coaching program designed to improve the lives of our clients; however, they choose to live it!

Our people mean everything to us! The most important part of health coaching is the relationship, for that you need great coaches, and we love ours!  Well-Choices is always looking for inspired and excited health coaches to join our team. We want coaches who were born to help others, who love connecting and supporting their clients. We need team members who have a passion for health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition with experience in health coaching. We offer competitive salaries, flexible work schedules, growth potential, paid training, continuing education, in a passionate and positive environment.

Well-Choices Health Coaching partners with medical professionals to deliver extended services to their patients, Fitness facilities to enhance the results and experience of their gym clientele. And we work in corporate wellness to help battle obesity, diabetes, and generally poor health.  Well-Choices works with any persons or organizations that want to help improve the lives of the people in their community or network through healthy lifestyle changes.

Health Coaching Foundations

Activity & Exercise

Exercise ProgramsFrom counting steps to custom exercise plans, your program is designed around your needs.


Healthy Eating HabitsNo need to count calories or log food journals, Well-Choices makes it simple to manage your nutrition choices with experts to help along the way.


HydrationIt is incredible how good it feels to be appropriately hydrated, yet so few are, we can help you improve hydration habits.


SleepDo you want increased energy, concentration, memory, and immune system function; The key is a consistent “good night’s sleep.”

Stress Management

Stress Management80% of Americans workers report living with stress. While you may not be able to escape it, you can change how you manage it to live happier.


MotivationWell-Choices coaches promote positive self-image with defined and reinforced motivators to inspire positive habit change.

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Fitness Facilities

Increase client engagement, participation, retention, and success. The perfect compliment to personal training, group training, and group fitness programs, Well-Choices is a simple, cost-effective addition to your service offerings that increases member value and satisfaction.

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Corporate Wellness

Health programs focusing on nutrition and activity create healthier employees; reducing health care costs, absenteeism and improving employee morale.  Well-Choices is an inexpensive way to deliver one on one coaching to your staff and allow them to develop positive habits for longterm success.

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Medical Services

The Well-Choices team provides clients with research-backed knowledge, guidance, and support to achieve health goals and changes in body composition. A great addition to busy health care professionals trying to offer patients health coaching for healthy lifestyle modification.

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About well-choices

Well-Choices Health Coaching is a community of lifelong learners who have come together to help the people of our community achieve their health goals. We are here to provide support & guidance as you make positive changes to habits regarding your activity, nutrition, hydration, sleep, stress, and motivation.

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