Success Stories

Health Coaching Client

Lost 12 lbs in 6 weeks!

I am very excited that I lost 9 pounds in five weeks by participating in the Well-Choices Health Coaching program. The app is easy to use, and the menus and one on one weekly coaching sessions helped me to stay motivated to make the right food choices and exercise regularly. I need a program like this to help me stay on track and hold myself accountable! 

Dana, 54-year-old mother of four from Connecticut

Back In The Gym 4 Days A Week

Well-Choices helped me change some of the bad habits I developed. More importantly, it helped me create some of the good ones I had lost. Like going to the gym, my primary tool for dealing with stress. In the first six weeks on the program, I lost the 10 lbs I had gained over the past several years being inactive.

Bryan, 35-year-old father of one from Maine

Well-Choices Client

Weight loss client

I Lost 2 lbs Every Week!

It’s amazing how Well Choices has transformed my mind into healthy eating! The coaching is educational and motivational. I love the meal plans! The menu is unique to my weight loss goals and I love how this program allows me to cook with ingredients that were once foreign to me. I lost 9 lbs during the first two weeks in the program and 2 lbs every week after. I also get the opportunity to discuss stress, sleep and activities levels with my nutritionist Liz Keller. The workout routines provided make a great addition to my regular cardio routines! It’s amazing how I have improved my food portions on a plate and I choose fruit over ice cream now! Thank you so much for this opportunity!”

Nadine, 32-year-old University Administrator

Well-Choices is great for my on the go life-style. My coach Liz is knowledgeable and connected on a personal level with me. My favorite part of the program was our weekly meeting. Having someone to talk to helped me be accountable for all my choices towards a healthy lifestyle.”

Megan – 30 Years Old, Teacher in NY